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15359RE: [Meditation Society of America] The Facts of Life

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  • Aideen McKenna
    May 30, 2007

      You know what would be wonderful?  Jeff Belyea & Sean Tremblay co-writing a book.




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      Subject: Re: [Meditation Society of America ] The Facts of Life


      Thanks, Sean. First, we agree
      on many points, and much of
      what may seem like differing
      points of view are more a
      matter of semantics.

      The church (especially) and
      most religious traditions have
      become a train wreck of the
      authentic teacher's original
      teachings. Here, we absolutely
      agree. There's no fun in
      fundamentalism. The fanatic
      religious view is the origin
      of just about all wars.

      Yes, too bad that the term
      "Enlightenment" has fallen into
      something more like entrapment
      in some camps. I prefer "Awakened".

      Your philosophy of:

      Eat good food
      fall in love
      raise happy kids
      do meaningful work

      is simply beautiful. There's
      an old Zen saying that goes
      something like, "Before awakening,
      chop wood, carry water. After
      awakening, chop wood, carry water."

      I think that there is a large
      audience for your "Scraped Knee
      School of Philosophy ". Your writing
      style is unique and very appealing.
      I hope that you continue to
      develop that gift (inheritance) .

      Do you keep a journal or write
      often? Considering a book? You
      use great analogies and very
      creative metaphors.

      Love, as always,


      PS: Just one more thing. OK, two, maybe three:

      1. Send me that Kick-Ass Shrimp Barrito recipe,
      would you?

      2. A suggested perspective:

      Think of the battles in the gita
      and the bible (I'm not a fan of much
      of the old testament or the tight-ass
      writing of Paul) on the level of consciousness
      rather than physical battles - in terms
      of the battle of "the mind", overcoming
      the isolated and prideful ego as a means of...

      3. I'm not on a quest. I was on a quest.
      I went through the door. One of the great
      failures of many false teachings and "gurus"
      is that they leave the seeker outside
      the door of awakening - leaving them
      frustrated or waiting for their "reward
      in heaven" - after they die. What
      unenlightened, cruel, manipulative
      bullshit. Well, I'll wrap up here
      before I pull out my soapbox.

      --- In meditationsocietyof america@yahoogro ups.com, sean tremblay
      <bethjams9@. ..> wrote:

      > Jeff ,I understand and agree with what your saying, I also know
      it's hard to tell what exactly someone means without seeing expresion
      or hearing inflection in the voice. I would say as I have been
      trying to articulate that the "Individuality" and the "Soul" and of
      course the "Will" is what give rise to the humanities most important
      gifts and that is the gift of creation. We are the only animal in
      the world that can concieve of things that are not yet manifest and
      conjure them up into creation like your paintings or Miles Davis or a
      kick ass shrimp barrito I made yesterday.That is what I believe the
      bible means by "Made in gods image" If at time I sound crass it's
      probably due to the fact that as a personality I am a bit "Willfull"
      and I come from the scape knee school of philosophy. The problem I
      have with the surender of the will as I read the statement is all to
      reminicent of the type of "Inshala" mentality that leads to bomb
      belts and kid nappings and so on and so
      > forth "God willing" and truth be told when I read of the same
      sceneo in the Bahagvad gita (Ajuna/Krishna) the whole karma let it be
      trip before thousands died I didnt by it then either nor did I by it
      from the old testiment when god comanded to go forth into the land of
      canaan and murder! That of course is the extreme, If you are
      talking about letting go in the Toaist sense I supose I'm on board.
      as in I will not try to fight Nature mine or anyone elses. But what
      realy concernes me is a person may give up His will for the sake of
      enlightenment (Or at least the eleviation of pain) and that person
      may find himself in a state of bliss. But this is not enlightenment
      this is a narcotic trance it is spiritual heroin and just because the
      pusher wears a robe and quates scriptures from a dead language does
      not change the fact that he's still pushin dope (Spiritualy) So I
      disagree with the great swami and I must say that freedom without
      will is a contradiction in terms! Try
      > baking a cake or writing a poem without will, And I for one do
      not belive one can fuly awaken without it. I avoid the term
      Enlightenment only because it has been hijacked by the delusional.
      Good luck on your quest.
      > Eat good food
      > fall in love
      > raise happy kids
      > do meaningfull work
      > Jeff Belyea <jeff@...> wrote:
      > Hi Sean -
      > Yours is a reasonable response...
      > and it speaks to the difficulty -
      > or rather the impossibility of precise
      > communication between two different
      > levels of consciousness. (If you're
      > interested, David Hawkins' book
      > "Power vs Force" details his take
      > on levels of consciousness) .
      > The realization that "everything
      > works under one law" does not negate
      > free will, it elevates it. We can
      > still choose between a cheeseburger
      > and baked scallops, and exercise
      > free will on the mundane level -
      > the trance level, or the level
      > that we've been social coerced
      > to accept as "all there is".
      > But when nondual realization (by
      > any other name - enlightenment) breaks
      > through, the personal ego gives way
      > to the notion that the reasonsable
      > and rational "self awareness" is...
      > all there is to being alive.
      > (Here's where precision of language
      > begins to be impossible) Instead,
      > personal self awareness is seen
      > as a secondary or superficial awareness,
      > (even called illusory in most
      > eastern traditions)
      > Enlightened Self Awareness is
      > something entirely different.
      > Self Awareness (caps intentional)
      > shifts our perspective from being
      > an isolated and independent "thinker",
      > to a oneness or wholeness in which
      > we now know that we are an "aspect"
      > of a unified, peaceful, blissful,
      > eternal, field of consciousness.
      > The personal ego necessarily
      > goes through the agony of complete
      > collapse - giving way to the new
      > realization that...hang on to your
      > hat...there is a power greater
      > than we are as individuals. And
      > this "power" is beyond anything
      > we formerly thought or imagined,
      > different from personal ego..yet
      > we are still a fully functional "part"
      > of this whole unified field.
      > This realization brings incredible
      > joy and freedom - and enhanced
      > free will, without the "should I or
      > shouldn't I" internal chatter, that
      > trusts completely in what "Is".
      > And that translates to a completely
      > free life, freedom from fear and
      > doubt, and trust in one's own
      > judgment (free will), because it is
      > known that the choices are "guided"
      > within the context of the whole
      > of existence.
      > Jeff
      > --- In meditationsocietyof america@yahoogro ups.com,
      sean tremblay
      > <bethjams9@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Interesting concept exept it negates free will and self
      > those are two qualities we posess for a reason
      > >
      > > medit8ionsociety <no_reply@yahoogroup s.com>
      > wrote: "Everything works under one law ... "Thy will be
      > done".
      > > This means there is nothing you need to do ... or can
      > > do!"
      > > Kir Li Molari
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