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15340Seeking Info On Meditation & Soil Study ? Is there such a thing ?

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  • Charles Snow
    May 16, 2007
      Hello everyone out there in MeditationSocietyOfAmerica Land !!

      A few months ago, I'd read a brief news snipped in some newspaper
      about a "Soil Study" or a comprehensive "Study Of Soil" which
      produced results which basically said that those who deal with soil
      on a regular basis, such as gardeners, have physical & chemical
      characteristics similar, if not identical, to persons who have
      practiced Meditation on a regular basis...

      Has anyone read this article, or anything of that nature ? Now that
      I'm trying to find it again OnLine, I'm hitting a huge abyss of
      fragmented WebSites which aren't the exact news item I'd seen a few
      months ago.

      I'd greatly welcome any ideas, or even if anyone has heard of this so-
      called study...

      Thanks a million !!

      -- Charles Snow
      Atlanta, Georgia

      Blessed Be !!
      Namaste !!
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