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15334And the Soul Moves

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  • medit8ionsociety
    May 5, 2007
      Thanks to Vicki Woodyard for permission to
      repost her wisdom from the Nonduality Salon group
      For more of Vicki's wonder-full writings:

      And the Soul Moves
      The soul moves and the ego has to follow. Christ
      moved and Jesus had to follow; that is the
      crucifixion road for the ego. It never wants to
      go, but if it was in the lead, nothing meaningful
      would ever happen.I remember when my ego tried to
      wiggle out of its promises to take care of a dying
      husband. It was so tired and angry and broken. It only
      wanted someone to care for it, to say "there, there."
      It didn't happen that way until the very end and it
      was soul that spoke to me.

      Soul is still speaking and darned if it doesn't speak
      in silence. It has no words with which to motivate me;
      it has no physical eyes to penetrate my thick defenses.
      No, it manages to push me off cliffs of courage that
      I would never set one foot upon. It is that determined to
      break the mold called "me." So far it has not succeeded.
      But soul never gives up. It calls to us in the dead of
      winter, when the blinds are drawn and blankets muffle
      our shivering bones. "Draw back," the ego calls, "draw
      back. Something awesome is upon us."

      The spiritual journey is into the desert and into the
      tiger's mouth of the absolute. The partial does no good
      when life and death hang in the balance. It is one or
      the other; take your choice. And no one cares or sees that
      you are being called to take up your cross. It doesn't
      matter; you must go. The ego's fifteen minutes will soon
      be up.

      And then the silence fructifies not crucifies. The desert
      in blossom is the soul being raised the third day. Not into
      fame but into glory...not into high noon but into the
      timeless. Not into fortune but into love. Everything you
      have ever done in your life is consumed in the firepit of
      compassion...forgotten and hallowed, forgiven and consoled.
      This I have heard. And yet the soul that moves the ego into
      death is not proud but determined. It will have its way.
      And the soul moves and the ego is no more.

      Vicki Woodyard