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  • sean tremblay
    Apr 21, 2007
      Hey Bob, I like that

      medit8ionsociety <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
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      <bethjams9@. ..> wrote:
      > There are a few out there who will tell you they got it figured out,
      but how do we know who has if we don't know what IT is.
      > Eat good food
      > do meaningfull work
      > fall in love
      > raise happy kids
      > the rest is either honey or vinigar
      More thoughts on What IT is and what "to do":

      There is no hope in your body surviving death,
      nor your emotions or your thoughts. The only
      possibility you have for eternal life is in
      the awareness that has been present in some
      form or other snce your conception. When you
      die, you will be liberated from the 5 sense
      trap you/we are in and will be free to know first
      hand your infinite, eternal, blissful true
      nature. The awareness that becomes available
      is that of all the sentient and insentient
      things on Mother Earth, all the awareness of
      Grandmother Solar System, all the awareness
      of GreatGrandmother Milky Way, all the awareness
      of GreatGreatGrandmoth er Galactic Cluster, all
      the awareness of GreatGreatGreatGran dmother
      Universe and all the awareness of the source of
      this and every Universe. And this depends on
      your personal stage of spiritual evolution.
      Those who are at this stage in evolution and
      still in the human body are vehicles here to
      point the way to Realization. Pay attention to
      them. Even if you can't identify them, their
      seeds will be planted in your heart and they
      will nourish your spiritual garden so it may
      grow and flourish. So, by reading and going
      to see those who may have the possibility of
      "having figured IT out" at the very least may
      have the possibility of evolving the you who
      says "I am" when asked "who's there" to the
      you who knows they are "I AM". And probably
      most important to help your potential for evolution
      is Meditation. There is no better way to open
      to your True nature. Unlike Sandeep and Papajeff's,
      all of what has just been said could be worthless
      and just "Words, Words, Words!", but my confidence
      in the concept that Consciousness/ Awareness is the
      only thing you can have hope in is not said in
      jest, but I think like theirs, with the aim and
      the hope and prayer for the Grace of Realization
      to awaken the real I/eye in every being everywhere.

      Peace and blessings,

      > Jeff Belyea <jeff@...> wrote:
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      > <armaanwithu@ > wrote:
      > >
      > > Dear meditators,
      > >
      > > Hope u all will fine, i have written many times about myself.Can
      > > anyone tell me how could we find how much far away from
      > elightenment.
      > > Is any elightened person told us.
      > >
      > Armaan -
      > Your question shows impatience. You cannot seek
      > enlightenment with impatience. You must be willing
      > to commit to the path for an entire lifetime (or
      > many lifetimes) with absolute patience. As long as
      > you have questions, you are still attempting to
      > "figure out" enlightenment in advance. That cannot
      > be done. Enlightenment is beyond the rational mind
      > and linear way of thought. To even approach enlightenment
      > requires a surrender of all questions.
      > This is a delicate balance that few are able to achieve.
      > Often it only comes when one is deparate enough to
      > surrender all expectation and even the seeking itself.
      > This is also hard to understand - that we must give
      > up the seeking. It is a matter of timing. We seek out
      > of a desire for peace of mind and tranquility. The
      > seeming paradox is that at a critical point in our
      > journey, our mind must become utterly still and tranquil
      > in order to awaken and experience enlightenment -
      > a tranquility that transcend our understanding of
      > tranquility. The tranquility of enlightenment is only
      > known by direct experience and cannot be explained.
      > Jeff
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      Ahhh...imagining that irresistible "new car" smell?
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