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15324One Truth, Many Paths

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Apr 21, 2007
      One Truth, Many Paths has been the message of
      many of the great teachers of this and all time.
      But there have been few books that have ever been
      written that not only describe the paths, but
      also show how they are walked in a way that
      lets you adopt their "way" into your daily life.
      'Wisdom Walk' by Sage Bennet, PhD is one that
      does. Having emersed herself in studies, retreats and
      similar teaching opportunities of all the major
      spiritual traditions, she shares her first hand
      experiences into not only describing the different
      paths basics, but points the reader into specific
      ways to bring the benefits into one's life. Her
      "how-to" examples are rare to find anywhere, and
      that they are all offered in one book is a very
      unique opportunity to accelerate your overall
      spiritual learning curve greatly and quickly. It
      can be found at the publisher's site at:
      or at Amazon at:
      I hope this will be of benefit to you.
      Peace and blessings,