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  • G <crystalkundalini@hotmail.com>
    Dec 29 8:49 PM
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Jason
      <jfishman2@m...>" <jfishman2@m...> wrote:
      > G,
      > How truly insightful the words you write. Words to the "I"
      > unexperienced are only mere words and can be found in many texts.
      > Your energies toward others eternal peace is always a wonderful

      G: it is always difficult to penetrate that first layer into a
      heartfelt cognition rather than an intellectual discussion
      and banter of mind... but all that may be done is to keep
      giving what may be given and letting spirit do the rest...
      it is like planting seeds some reach stony ground but a few
      just might make it to where they take root and grow...

      shanti shanti maha-shanti om ...g...
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