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15292Re: [Meditation Society of America] Love the One you're with.

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  • Marc Moss
    Mar 16 6:03 AM
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      Due to the perceptual process, beings see themselves as taking rebirth. This process accords to laws that govern the world to which our mindstream concords. The linear dynamics of expression through time and space appear as manifestations to which we are subject, but there are ultimately no absolutes here.
      If smoking cigarettes is the cause for lung cancer, then everyone who smokes will die of cancer. George Burns should not have lived a happy life while smoking many cigars a day. Maybe he never saw them as something that threatened his life, but something that was just another pleasant thing within a life of many pleasant things. For me, I don't think smoking is a gamble that I should be taking, and can feel the effects of its harmful qualities on my lungs. But, i don't think that my outlook on life has been nearly as optimistic as George's...until recently!
      The majority of beings radiate a certain level of consciousness and we are all on a ladder to either climb up or down those different levels. This is made more clear when one has attained the Path of Seeing and then ascends the Ten Bhumis, or levels.
      For us ordinary folk, we only see linear dynamics unfold before us: A causes B causes C; but nonlinear dynamics shows that ABC must already exist for this to unfold. Time/Space is a concept that is not an absolute, not an ultimate as Nagarjuna clearly demonstrated in the Mulamadhyamikakarika. So, in the process of linear expression, if you died in 1970 your next life follows that stream of ripening in a linear manner through the same process of time/space. For an enlightened being, time/space is different...but not really contradictory to its ultimate nature. This would be why the omniscience of a Buddha is able to see past, present and future simulataneously.
      www.hagelin.org has a wonderful video (if you have an hour and a half) of a summary of the quantum physical findings to date. There are many wonderful things to gleen from this, but remember, science is currently at the Madhyamika-Svatantrika level of understanding reality...it's got a little way go!

      As long as space remains, as long as living beings remain, until then - may I too remain to dispel the sufferings of the world. - Master Shantideva

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