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15291Re: [Meditation Society of America] Love the One you're with.

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  • sean tremblay
    Mar 16, 2007
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      Question about reincarnation. Do past lives occur on a linear path just like the present, ie if I was born in 1971 does my past life have to have happened prior to that date or is time irrelevent in regards to incarnation? Are we limeted by this concept of reality, planet earth, human being ect.. ect.. or are other manifistations of being possible?

      Jeff Belyea <jeff@...> wrote:
      When the magic of meditation
      brings the internal chatter to
      absolute silence, transcendence
      is the default awareness.

      It is not enough to simply be
      in the moment.

      Transcendence falls in love
      with every moment.

      That is the only choice of free
      will - to maintain the silence
      and choiceless love of life or
      allow the chatter to regain its
      false claim as primary identity.

      As soon as we wish any moment
      were different than it is, we open
      the door to trance, once again.

      "The seeker meditates to attain,,
      the awakened meditates to maintain."
      -- Ramana Maharshi

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