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15281Re: [Meditation Society of America] The Ending of The Trance

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  • sean tremblay
    Mar 1, 2007
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      I've seem mystic hearts in Indonesian street kids and sacred eyes in my hound dog.

      Jeff Belyea <jeff@...> wrote:
      A friend of mine of from
      the 70s, who was the most
      gifted poet I ever met in
      person, spoke of those who look
      down from their ivory towers
      with no compassion for the
      "bent over pilgrims" (those
      lost and in dark despair).

      There is a "trance" that
      socialization imposes on
      virtually all people. There is
      also a means of trance-ending,
      for those who are desperate
      for release from its grip.

      Many may be "successfully"
      socialized and look no
      further, but I agree with
      Thoreau that "most live
      lives of quiet desperation. "
      And some will not settle...
      and become seekers.

      Yes, there is a danger in
      seeking. But once the intuitive
      stirring begins, few can turn
      back from the seeking of
      the elusive "something more".

      No one can "teach" transcendence,
      but there are massive bodies of work
      that report on its enlightening
      power. The authentic reports are from
      experiential knowledge.

      Neither not knowing about
      transendence, nor disdaining
      any talk of it, negates it.
      Either there is an interest
      and a passion to seek, or
      there is a relative (or even
      passionate) comfort with

      For those bent over pilgrims:

      There may be those who sell
      snake oil and seek only self-


      there are also those among us
      who offer guidance from mystic
      hearts and sacred eyes, from
      pure compassion.

      In the Buddhist tradition,
      these are Boddhisattvas.

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