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  • sean tremblay
    Mar 1, 2007
      Ladies and Gents, I know how easy it is to have your heart grow heavy with hate and anger, disappointment and loss creeps in and soon you find yourself lost hurt and angry growing more bitter before you know it. I have seen in these times so many beautiful people give their will and soul to someone else looking for a life line to pull themselves from the depths of a hell real or created. As a point I want to make you don't need to look any further than yourself and the world around you. Anyone asking for devotion is in it for selfish gratification and while this may offer some relief it's nothing more than codeine for a broken leg. The leg will heal pain or not. I speak from my observations that this is a truly wonderful existence if you let it and this world is a marvel I for one would not want to transcend or escape. I have seen some of the most beautiful examples of the highest human virtues stepping over the open sewers of dirty south Asian port towns in the brothels playing cards with hookers. It's everywhere if your open and you never know when your going to meet a sidewalk avatar imparting a gem of kindness and knowledge. I remember staring in amazement at the wonderful variety of life at 300' below the sea creatures of unimaginable alien beauty swimming past some nothing more than colored lights reacting and moving as i reached out to touch them. I guess all I'm saying is there is something said to just being. The smell of good coffee, your favorite music, a painting or just enjoying the day as it come to you.
      So I guess it boils down to this for me
      Eat good food
      do meaningful work
      fall in love
      raise happy kids

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