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15264Re: [Meditation Society of America] Vipassana Meditation

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  • Marc Moss
    Feb 20, 2007
      Great plan!! His Holiness has an interpretation of Kamalashila's Bhavanakrama, the Steps on Meditation. Master Patnajali's Yoga Sutra (i believe)...very good.
      Pabongka Rinpoche's Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand explains a description of all of the different types of meditation, conditions of the environment conducive to meditation, the parts of a meditation practice, the preliminaries to undertake prior to meditating, the eight-point meditation posture, the best objects to focus the mind upon during meditation, the five problems which occur within meditation, the eight corrections to those problems, and the nine resulting meditative states which lead to the attainment of deep meditative concentration, or quietude (shamatha)

      aideenmck <aideenmck@...> wrote:
      Later this year, or perhaps next year, I hope to go to "meditation
      boot camp" i.e. a ten-day retreat where the vipassana meditation
      technique is taught. I am turning seventy this year and have not
      been meditating for very long.
      I wonder whether I ought to have a better background than
      the "concentration" type of meditation that I practice (not as
      consistently as I might).
      I am more even-tempered than I used to be, less inclined to need
      to be "right", and there is a delightful synchronicity that goes on,
      so that I feel in tune with the universe (not every single day,
      certainly, but surprisingly frequently.) Rightly or wrongly, I
      attribute these happenings to a change in me brought about by
      Does anyone have any advice about my tentative plan? I feel that I
      need something like the vipassana course.


      As long as space remains, as long as living beings remain, until then - may I too remain to dispel the sufferings of the world. - Master Shantideva

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