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15263Vipassana Meditation

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  • aideenmck
    Feb 20, 2007
      Later this year, or perhaps next year, I hope to go to "meditation
      boot camp" i.e. a ten-day retreat where the vipassana meditation
      technique is taught. I am turning seventy this year and have not
      been meditating for very long.
      I wonder whether I ought to have a better background than
      the "concentration" type of meditation that I practice (not as
      consistently as I might).
      I am more even-tempered than I used to be, less inclined to need
      to be "right", and there is a delightful synchronicity that goes on,
      so that I feel in tune with the universe (not every single day,
      certainly, but surprisingly frequently.) Rightly or wrongly, I
      attribute these happenings to a change in me brought about by
      Does anyone have any advice about my tentative plan? I feel that I
      need something like the vipassana course.

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