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15257Beginning meditation

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  • zenlauren
    Feb 20, 2007
      Hello to those who were asking about meditation. I haven't posted on
      here before, or at least not for a long time.

      Meditation is difficult because it is so simple it seems like we
      must be doing something wrong.

      There are many different styles of meditation and many people only
      become aware of one form and then think they are doing it "wrong".

      I teach meditation and as I teach it I separate meditation into two
      catagories. Focus meditation and observation meditation. In focus
      meditation the goal is to work on your "focus muscle". To learn to
      control what is often called the monkey mind. You may focus on a
      mantra, on your breath, on your heartbeat, on a simple image-or
      single point. Observation meditation includes stepping outside your
      normal process of mental awareness and act as a neutral, non-
      judgmental observer. Mindfulness meditation is an excellent example
      of this. You observe your thoughts without getting caught up in
      them. You notice if your thoughts cause any particular feeling and
      you simple note that feeling. If you can't let go of a thought, you
      notice that you can't let go. No judging, no stress, simply
      observing. I like to think of it as watching a stream and letting
      the thoughts and experiences simply float by.

      Meditation begins as a process of noticing the mind wandering and
      gently returning to your focus. The monkey mind will wander, and
      you will simply return to your focus again and again without
      judgement or frustration. This is the nature of learning to

      In terms of situations like having visions or other mental objects
      arising, simply observe that it happened and return to the
      meditation you have chosen to practice. If you are doing
      mindfulness, then you would notice your mental object, and let it go
      without trying to interpret it or hold onto it. If you are trying
      to do focus meditation, you notice your mind is looking for
      entertainment and you gently return your mind to it's focus. When
      your mind wanders again, you return your focus.

      I'm happy to answer questions, and I have some information on my
      website www.harado.com

      I'll try to check back soon in case anyone has a question.
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