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15256Some great spiritual websites with free books,audio, video

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  • Vipul
    Feb 18, 2007
      Some great spiritual websites with free books,audio, video

      Relationship and EGO ( English: a 6 minute video lecuture of Sri Sri
      RAvishankerji www.artofliving.org)

      Reversal of stress through meditation(English: 1hr lecture by Dr.
      Pranav Pandya)

      Yug Pravah 100 ( lectures of Sri Sri ( Hindi) and other saints--swami
      Dayananda( English), Dr. Prananv Pandya(Hindi) during a meeting at
      Dev Sanskriti University of All World Gayatri Pariwar (www.awgp.org)

      Free online Books on subjects like Absolute law of Karma, Extra
      sensory potentials of mind, Eternity of sound and scinece of mantra...

      Also a large number of ebooks and lectures and vidoes in Hindi,
      Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu and other Indian languages on this website

      A great source of articles on scientific spirutality

      Online Gita lectures in English by Swami Tadatmnanda:
      www.arshabodha.org ( in Teachings section)

      Online lectures and books ( Hindi and English) by Osho:

      Complete works of Swami VEvekananda and OSHO Books:

      An autobiography of a yogi: a world famous books by Paramhansa
      Yogananda ( www.autobiographyofayogi.com)

      Online spiritual articles and lectures in English by Swami
      Dayananda and others: www.avgsatsang.org

      Please pass on this information to anyone who may be intersted.