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  • Jeff Belyea
    Feb 8, 2007

      I meant...

      No criticism of Siddhartha
      Or Buddhism or any Buddha
      Only those would-be teachers
      Who "veil" Gautama's story

      Neither did I pit Bergson
      Against the gentle Buddha
      The gentle remark was genuine
      And born of respect

      Herman Hesse held the door
      For me when I discovered his
      Siddhartha, which sent
      Me on my search

      Enlightenment comes easy
      An endless wave once caught
      Compared to learning to
      Consistently walk the middle path


      PS: Yes, familiar with the
      new schools of Buddhism.
      More familiar with Christianity.
      Enjoy Yogananda and Nhat Hanh's
      comparitive studies of the
      two paths.

      One story along that line,
      that came out of the new
      school comes to mind:

      As Siddhartha neared starvation,
      a young woman came to him with
      nourishment. He became refreshed
      and soon experienced his Awakening.

      This event helped establish the
      teaching of interdependence and
      balance of the middle way.

      In Christianity, there is a story
      of a woman who came to Jesus,
      asking that he heal her daughter.
      But she was from another region,
      and Jesus told her that he only
      came for the lost sheep of Israel,
      and it would not be right for him
      to "feed a dog" (apparently an
      ethnic slur at the time).

      Her response was that "even the
      dogs will eat the crumbs from
      the master's table". Jesus was
      reportedly stunned and offered
      the blessing to heal her daughter,
      commenting that he had not seen
      such faith in all of Israel.

      My take is that she opened his
      eyes to the fact that his
      Enlightened presence in the world
      was for everyone - without
      exception, and that changed his
      ministry and mission dramatically.

      Keep the change.