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  • Jeff Belyea
    Feb 7, 2007
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      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, sean tremblay
      <bethjams9@...> wrote:
      > A few questions regarding Buddhist thought (Great letter by the

      What is it that continues to precieve after death

      J. Consciousness continues. .(Not necessarily individual
      consciousness as a separate "being"). Suggest you read some Henri
      Bergson and then check out nonduality to go along with your healthy
      helping of teaching from the gentle Buddha.

      S. what is it that is reborn?

      J. Pure intuitive consciousness (enlightenment) - an ability that
      transcends rational and linear thought - that we may have known
      naturally before we were socially coerced to "sit in our seat".
      Rebirth in the spiritual context is not a reincarnation, but a
      rebirth of conscious awareness in a holistic way that is not known to
      our linear rational process - and so is therefore not "perception" in
      its first cause. It is experiential, but is related as perception in
      the attempt at "telling" about it. It is a rekindling of Love in a
      whole new light. If you taste an orange or burn your finger, you
      experience and perceive, but you cannot "tell" of the experience in
      any way that will bring understanding - no more than we can "teach"
      enlightenment. And only those who have tasted an orange or burned a
      finger can really empathize and "Know" what you are talking about.
      (Sorry if these are cliches that you read before). Any attempt to
      explain "enlightenment" and how it brings an end to suffering and ego
      attachment boggles the rational mind, because the mind that has been
      shut off to the "light of understanding" in the unique manner that
      enlightenment brings cannot comprehend another way of "Knowing". As
      you continue to look at Buddhism, you will hear (or may have heard)
      of "nothingness...and the emptiness that is not nothing". It is in
      this realm (not a very accurate word) that is without space or time
      that awakening (and potentially enlightenment - for those who make a
      distinction between the two) "occurs".

      S. what is it that experiences hell or enlightenment.

      J. Consciousness.

      S. what is the divine spark in us?

      J. Consciousness of the naure of Love

      or the ultimate reality.

      J. Consciousness of the nature of Love. Ops, not only have I included
      cliches, here's a quote...from Ramana, "The very form of God is Love."

      S. I undertand the waking up to reality notion. And that letting go
      of attachment to suffering and falshood leading to peace. But some of
      the language suggests that the reality we experience is a product of
      our peception and therefore is false exept for it's own emotional
      impact on us spiritualy.

      J. Good ponts. A couple of comments/questions: What is your basis for
      writing "...perception and therefore false..."? If you perceive an
      oyster bed on the ocean floor, it is not false.

      S. I may be misunderstanding something. But now we venture into the
      arena of faith. And as human being we ALL posses faith weather we
      want to or not, call it hard wiring. The I believe portion of our
      conciesness is a good place to start but not to be taken as the total
      sum of the truth.

      J. Right on the button. Knowing about, or believing in, is
      not "Knowing" in the manner of direct personal experience.
      Nice analogies and flow of thoughts that you've written below.

      Love, as always,


      S. Analogy: We at one time thought the earth was the center of the
      solar system. As we developed the means to see outside our imediate
      environment we
      > learned this was not the case. In fact the Sun is as we know the
      center of the solar system. The invention of the telescope did not
      change the natural structure of the Universe, it was already that way
      before we could see it in motion. Analogy 2; Christopher Columbas
      dicovered the West Indies, he did not invent them.

      Now back to perception We as human beings a great at this and though
      it can lead to a path of suffering especialy when we make up crap to
      feel bad about, it can also lead to both invention and discovery,
      united in faith you have a very formidable mixture. this is what
      enables us to create sky scrapers and Music and space ships ect.....

      As far as the God thing goes I have no problem with either the
      internal or external examples I do not see them as mutualy exclusive,
      or an impediment to spiritual liberation. The Idea of God existing
      eternaly is not far fetched for me neither is God existing within. As
      far as the eternal idea goes Why not there is no reason not
      > to think that that the All this stuff has not always been around
      Maybe not in it's present form. Science shows us that the Universe is
      continualy changing form expanding, perhaps at some point it will
      contract and condense then explode again and take new form always
      recreating itself. "In the begining there was the Word" kinda like
      Aum or the big bang. In my profesion I get to see the world from 300'
      below the ocean and as I sit watching the interactions of remakable
      and bizarre creatures in a veriety of perfect adaptation I can't help
      but feel that there is a force at work outside of and greater than
      myself But I am also a part of, My Grandpa is an organic farmer has
      been since the forties he always said "Uot of the dust you were
      created into the dust you shall return.
      > Spell check is not responding and I'm a crappy typer sorry
      > Sean
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