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  • Aideen McKenna
    Feb 4, 2007

      My very deepest thanks for this post – it helps me in a way I could never adequately express.  And it comes at a time when I needed it. 

      Peace and blessings, Sonam.




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      Dear Friends,


      I know that this post may SEEM to contradict my other posts, for in words they seem in congruent. So we shouldn't look to the words, we should look to the meaning. In the spirit of Swami Chidanada in the last post, I would like to use this post to express in another way things that I have been sharing. Maybe this language will be of benefit to someone...and may it lead others to the highest bliss:


      The antaratma, the Indweller. If you think in line of God being within all of us, we are not far from the Truth. The highest truth is findable here. Jesus taught this. He said that the kingdom was within. In a different teaching, one which has been labeled "gnostic", we find something very beautiful in a discussion he had with Judas, that there is a "divine spark in all of us." I don't think it's too difficult to see the same meaning here from Swami Chidananda and Jesus.


      If we can agree that God (or at least the word we are using to label this ultimate truth) is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, we will begin a very exciting journey to understanding ourselves. Let's first examine omnipotent in this light:


      All things that manifest in our lives are created by mind. For us to use the old, traditional view of God, we find that it just doesn't work. People get killed in churches, sanctuaries for believers- the storm in Florida destroyed a church and killed people inside. Buddhist temples get destroyed in Tsunamis. There are no great and powerful beings out there that created all things, for that is a past tense statement being used to describe a reality that is not past tense, but developing in stages, gradually every moment. So how do I assert the omnipotence of which I speak? In the manner of how our own minds bring about EVERYTHING, from lowest suffering to highest happiness. As though the Indweller gives precisely what you ask for. When we are down on ourselves, and we don't have any love directed toward ourselves, we are actually withdrawing from others. This divine spark gives us exactly what we create, loneliness, disparity, and suffering. We are not only dividing ourselves from others, but from this Divine Spark as well.


      When we give to others, when we engage in the loving, compassion and giving to others, we are actually giving to the god within, the ultimate truth inside all of us. It's reflective, like a mirror. All things that arise in front of it are made manifest, and yet leave no stain on the mirror. They arise and pass. It is the creator of all things, but there is no time in which it does not create. It's creation is not some event fixed in the past; it is an unfolding that does not cease. Even when you die, you are perceiving.. .and when you achieve enlightenement there will then, also be no time in which you do not perceive. The Great Within is manifesting all perceptions based upon what we lay before it: anger, jealousy, love, compassion - all these must bring about their result. They are all the same in emptiness, different in intent and expression. The God sends out precisely what you seek. And as you learn that negative actions bring negative results, you start eliminating them and by so doing eliminate the manifested forms of their results.


      As you get better at understanding how anything that you do is like laying a request that must be fulfilled before this God, this Great Within, you see the subtle messages within your mind. It will be answered, but not immediately. Examine the mind, like a mirror and you will almost always only see the reflections. ..and never the surface of that which reflects. You get angry at someone, an image that is a reflection of our mind...and our most subtle consciousness. Image that you are angry with is inseparable with this mirror. Things are not to be found separate from consciousness because upon every examination, they are invariably found in union WITH our consciousness. Our feelings, duration of thoughts about them, and intensity as we focus them all help to bring those Inner reflections into Outer manifestations. Our journey is to bridge the gap between the Inner most, the domain of God, and the outer, the things that we do that seem to be directed towards others but are actually expressions of the Inner made SEEMINGLY manifest. So, this is it's omnipotence.


      As omniscient, it knows all things. This is so because when one comes into contact with this Great Within, their own suffering starts to end. They understand things in an instant that many spend lifetimes studying. They have seen into the mirror and past the reflections - and now understand how that "mirror" is working. They have understood my use of the word "omnipotence" here and begin to do so much more for others, for it is not different than doing things directly for the God Within.


      And Arya is anyone who has seen directly the Ultimate Truth. These beings have seen the other shore and know how to get there. They now understand themselves as a stream of data always arising. We are not our experiences, for those are past. We are not separate from these experiences for we have learned from them and their lessons are with us now. But, what about the specific experiences of our immediate past lives? We don't readily remember them. If we WERE the sum total of all of our experiences, we should be able to remember them. But, we are the sum total of all of those things that we have laid before the Great Divine Inside in the past that are manifesting NOW. The ability to see this computer is from data, no matter how small that has been laid before that Indweller who manifests for us what we requested (and low self esteem is a "request" before that Great Reflector).


      And, it is omnipresent. There is NOWHERE that it is not. Look everywhere, see that there is never a separation with the images that you see and the consciousness you use to make contact with them. Even on a scientific level, the object that sits before you is being processed in the brain and the mental image and definitions that you associate with it happen in the brain. The brain is simply a physical expression of the inner mind, and it is connected with the Great Inner One. If we believe that we are separate from our exeriences and perceptions of things we believe to be "out there", we deny the unifying principle of God. We are denying even the very way that we exist. There is no sound in the woods where the tree fell if there was no one there to hear it...but there might have been sound WAVES, evidenced if someone comes after the fact and sees damage done sonically.


      Omnipresent means that this being must also be in Hell, for there is NOWHERE that it cannot be. And this is true...but it is only bringing about what one has requested - division as far as possible from this Within. Selfish craving, selfish acquiring, selfish view of independence from reality and things within that sphere, all these lead to a division from interrelationships with others which is truly just another way of union with the subtle-most consciousness and God. Therefore, we experience Hell because we laid these things before The Antaratma and this was what was manifested, from our desires. We are culpable...and not an angry and discompassionate God.


      So what? What could the implication be here in this very feeble and flawed interpretation of what's been said? That everything good you lay before this Inner Mind and do for the benefit of all other beings actually is being done TO this Divine Spark...and it will bring about in spite of you all the things you want. If you pray single-pointedly that someone receive wealth, your own riches increase. If you seek to purify yourself of past deeds, they can be blocked from bringing results in their highest intensity IF AT ALL by laying this before the Great Mind. That which you do to someone else, you actually do to yourself - for you are doing it to God and all His magnificent manifestations. The bad experiences may be a lesson that your thoughts are selfish, and not divine...so you must learn and will experience that which YOU made manifest. Or, they may simply be the result of a mechanism that is unerring in the way it reflects.


      Direct your prayers to others, think of how they are simply reflections in that Divine Mirror, and offer all these hopes that you have for your own life towards every other being receiving them before you. Feel no sense of loss, no sense of gain should they arise. Let them only be things that make your journey less tiring as you work for all beings, for there is never a time that you are not doing for God what you do to others. All happiness will now be manifesting. ..you will remove all pain from the "stream" of who you are and will tap into the mechanism of the omnipotent, who is omnipresent, and understand through its omniscience.


      Please forgive my poor analogies and any mistakes in describing it. I have tried to see that the words used reflect the same meaning of various Buddhist schools of thought. Words simply represent experience, and that is why they fail sometimes and succeed in other situations. May you all manifest your every dream, but without even a trace of ignorance about the way things actually are. Let your accomplishments be seen to be changing naturally, and to be decaying as they pass...and when they do pass, that your peace of mind is never disturbed. I found the love of my life this way: in deep prayers, intense visualization and offering them to all other beings - that others find a suitable companion to make this leg of the journey tolerable.


      Work hard to visualize peace and happiness and you are bound to see it when your perceptions shift.


      Love to you all, deep and sincere love to all of you - my wonderful expressions made manifest of the Divine Within,









      As long as space remains, as long as living beings remain, until then - may I too remain to dispel the sufferings of the world. - Master Shantideva





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