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  • Sandeep
    Jan 29, 2007

      Daniel Bonekeeper wrote:

      And I'm still feeling like I haven't had a satisfactory answer ! LOL

      Let me put it in a different way: let's say that I work as a jewerly maker... I get gold bars and diamonds and transform them into wedding rings. I do that all day long. How can I use "right mindfulness" while doing this ?

      See the doing as just that.

      The transformation of gold bars and diamonds of a particular shape and form morphing into a different shape and form.
      The transformation of shape and form brings about a substantial increase in the value, but nothing has really changed.
      The differential value of a wedding ring as compared to the basic ingredients........how does this come about?
      Obviously the differential value is due to a "valuer" who values differently.
      Otherwise, a wedding ring is just the summation of the raw materials.

      Exactly in the same way, a diamond is a DIAMOND to someone, otherwise it is no different to a piece of coal.

      Meaning, agenda, goals to be be achieved (spiritual or material), techniques to achieve these goals, asserting and defending these techniques/ these goals as they have themselves become  one's self identity.....

      .....this entire enchilada .........is  of relevance to whom?

      As............ through a pair of hands ........ gold bars takes the shape of rings and diamonds get set....

      .....being in the quest.....

      ......to whom is this changing transformation........a changing spectacle?


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