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15200Have we achieved Dvaita first?

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  • surya
    Jan 29, 2007
      People often misunderstand that Dvaita is relationship between God &
      an ordinary human being. Such relationship is only the creator-
      created relationship. In Dvaita, Madhva says that the relationship
      between God and the soul is the relationship of Master-servant.
      Madhva Himself kept in the position of the servant of God. Every
      human being cannot claim such position of Madhva, without reaching
      that state by spiritual effort (Correct Spiritual Knowledge –
      Theoretical Devotion – Service).

      You must know that practical service to God alone can give any
      divine fruit. Correct spiritual knowledge & theoretical devotion are
      only like water & fertilizer for service-plant, which alone can
      yield fruit. Through such selfless sacrifice of service in terms of
      sacrifice of work & fruit of work, you will be selected as servant
      by God provided your service does not aspire any fruit including
      fruit of becoming human incarnation. Now you have entered inner
      circle of God & this is 1st step called as Dvaita.

      If you see Hanuman, He straightly jumped from the knowledge to the
      service and never expressed His love on God through songs and tears
      as per Valmiki Ramayana. Some plants yield fruits just with supply
      of water without fertilizer. Therefore, sometimes knowledge and
      service are sufficient without the intermediate theoretical
      devotion. But here the soil acts as a hidden fertilizer. Similarly,
      the theoretical devotion of Hanuman was kept hidden in the mind
      only. Hence this intermediate state exists in a hidden way in such

      Now one of the closest servants, excels other servants in service
      and becomes the Son of God and sits on the right side of God as told
      by Jesus. Ramanuja also says that one of the most fortunate devotees
      sits on the lap of Lord Narayana and talks with Him and this is
      exactly coinciding with the above point of Bible. This is the second
      state of Vishishtaadvaita. Now such Son of God comes down to the
      earth with a gross body (as usual like any other human being) and
      God enters him and pervades all over the soul and body.

      Now, this Son of God is the human incarnation and is treated as God
      by the devotees for hearing the knowledge and serving the God. This
      Son of God gets the credit of all the wonderful works done by God,
      who is hidden in him. This is the third & final state of Advaita.
      God entered the devotee, stays for his lifetime and exits at the
      end. The entry of God is mentioned in the Veda (Tadevanupravishat…).
      The exit of God is mentioned in the Bible, when Jesus cried
      stating `Oh! God! Why did You leave me?'

      At the lotus feet of datta swami
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