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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jan 26, 2007
      Marc Moss <jellybean0729@...> wrote:
      > A perfect example of how the definition of enlightenment has been
      mistranslated into some Keith Carradine Kung Foo idea that all you
      have to do is be in the moment and that's the goal. But, that is just
      a means. This is not pontification, my friends. This is truth. Truth
      that requires much more depth of investigation.
      > So, let's start with your idea that all you need is to be in the

      Uh, who said that's all you need? I certainly didn't.

      >Fabulous, a great start. But, after a while, and suffering is still
      bombarding you and you have yet to meet with your own Dharmakaya
      expression, maybe you'll be led to investigate what the "moment" is.

      snip of lots of what Kir Li Molari would describe as
      "Words! Words! Words!" and a pretty good example of what the
      pundit in the Zen tea story was doing.

      > As you see, the mind still moving is not in "the moment". If you
      have not reached the ninth level of meditative absorption, ...

      And have you??? Are you "in the moment" or stuck retelling
      your teachers story line? Going back to your criticisms of Dan
      and what he has shared... They presented as condescending and
      lacking compassion and seemed to be just a stage for you
      to "show what you know" while your tea cup overflowed. Having
      read hundreds of Dan's posts, my gut feeling is that he's at an
      unlimited level, not just the ninth, and for decades has been
      Realized or Enlightened or Aware or whatever adjective/adverb
      you like best. And perhaps has much to offer that you could
      learn from.

      > Mindfulness practice is wonderful, and having respect and faith in
      your teacher is best! I applaud you, but careful on the criticisms. If
      you are still experiencing suffering, you are probably not enlightened.

      This seems a critical judgement itself, and relative to suffering...
      would that exclude Jesus from consideration as Enlightened?

      > If you are criticizing someone else's words that were intended to
      help someone out of samsara, you should REALLY review your practice.

      So you're reviewing your practice?

      > It would seem that mindfulness meditation has not sufficed to
      prevent these criticisms, which were motivated by what? Since
      emptiness truly cannot be described perfectly in words, words will
      only help eliminate all that it is not. So, perhaps there is even a
      little bit of information that these postings could help. But you
      aren't criticising me, you are criticising teachings from enlightened
      Masters that have achieved the results that Shakyamuni claimed his
      followers would experience for themselves.
      > Sonam

      Mulitple critical judgements noted!
      Peace and blessings,

      > As long as space remains, as long as living beings remain, until
      then - may I too remain to dispel the sufferings of the world. -
      Master Shantideva
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