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15198But, I just can't help it...

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  • Marc Moss
    Jan 28, 2007
      Dear Sandeep,
      You asked me to be quiet and observe the reaction to my reading of the post. I am to assume, like you did? You asked me to be quiet, showing some sort of dissatisfaction with my earlier posts...what did you observe that prompted you to ask for my silence. I can tell you with clarity that there is enough paranoia and fear in the world, from ignorance and delusion...and from misinformation.
      I promise you, I will never be quiet as long as there are those that I can help, even in as small as a morsel of food to an animal.
      Observe the reaction here. The parrot throws rocks at the mirror.

      As long as space remains, as long as living beings remain, until then - may I too remain to dispel the sufferings of the world. - Master Shantideva

      Don't pick lemons.
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