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15191Mirror Gazing

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  • vocallyyours12
    Jan 27, 2007
      Earlier this week, I was looking in my mirror for a long time just
      trying to figure out what I liked most about my facial features and I
      couldn't help but to stay locked on my eyes. A couple of hours later,
      my mother told me about a radio program that would be discussing
      mirror gazing (I missed it). I found that to be ironic, being that I
      was subconsciously kind of mirror gazing without really knowing. Has
      anyone had an experience with mirror gazing? I've been online
      researching and I'm kind of nervous to do it by myself. Will I open
      something that I can't close? Is that a way for unwanted spirits to
      come in? I would just like some kind of advice on what mirror gazing
      is to you and how many of you all have experienced mirror gazing.
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