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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jan 25, 2007
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      Yo Daniel,
      I enjoyed the "news" greatly. Thanks! And now
      for something completely different.......
      When we were still having classes (now on
      sabbatical), we used to start class one with
      the story about the pundit who came to visit
      with a Zen master who instructed using the tea
      ceremony. The pundit sits down and starts talking
      and talking about all his insights into the
      teachings of Buddha. He kept pontificating as
      the Zen master put out the cups and saucers and
      prepared the fire, water, tea, and the tea pot.
      On and on went his discourse into the meaning
      of this teaching and that teaching. After the tea
      had brewed exactly as was appropriate, the Zen
      master started pouring the tea into the pundit's
      cup as the oration continued at its fevered pitch.
      The cup filled, and as the master kept pouring,
      the tea started to pour over the top of the cup.
      The pundit noticed and alarmingly said "Master,
      the cup is full!" And the master replied
      "Exactly!" And the pundit realized that his mind,
      as well as his cup, was full. And with that he
      emptied and experienced Enlightenment. Thus the
      saying"You can't fill a full cup". And with that as
      a preamble, we would ask all of the students to
      keep their cups empty when they came to class.
      Mindfullness is pretty much an ongoing keeping
      of an empty cup (mind). And if that happens, the
      universe will fill it with much greater a treasure
      than does the usual rehashing of the past and
      fantasizing about the future that typically fills our
      cup. So, one can simply take a walk and see what's
      happening in the moment...but without the usual
      mind chatter that judges, compares, and comments
      on all and everything. And your cup will fill
      with the sweetest tea you have ever tasted.
      Peace and blessings,
      "Daniel Bonekeeper" <bonekeeper@...> wrote:
      > What exactly is mindfullness meditation ?
      > What are its benefits ? How can I do it ?
      > How you guys do it daily ?
      > --
      > "Today, a young man tripping on LSD realized that all matter is merely
      > energy condensed through a slow vibration, we are all one
      > consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, life is only a dream,
      > and we are all our own imagination. And now here's Tom with the
      > weather. Tom?"
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