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15151Re: Three 1/2 years.......nothing!

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  • sriramakrishnasutras
    Dec 13, 2006
      some say to try to find a place not between the eyes always but also
      you can try to have a place in your heart as focus instead. that
      might help. all paths are good. maybe you could try a vipassana
      course???? for ten days?

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "the32family"
      <the32family@...> wrote:
      > Hello group,
      > My name's Sean.
      > It was about three or four years ago,after a 7 year relationship crashed
      > and burned,I started reading about self-realization.The book was by Guy
      > Finley,still one of my favorites,and it set me off.I never really looked
      > back.I've had my ups and downs,like everyone,but I've read about 20
      > books and try to stay conscious as much as possible,BUT,for the life of
      > me,I still CANNOT acheive meditation.
      > And I try OFTEN.
      > Don't get me wrong,even 5 minutes of semi-silence is beneficial to
      > me,but,I mean,real meditation.
      > I recently got this program that just plays a constant tone,that worked
      > great at first,but the effects have died down.Every session I pretty
      > much start off ready to go,using whatever method I am
      > trying(mantra,breathing.....),then slowly I will lose control of my
      > thoughts,at which time it's like rounding up cattle,then,eventually fall
      > asleep.Of course if I choose a postion that inhibits sleeping,it always
      > comes with an itch or a bothersome pressure point.
      > I guess there are many techniques that I haven't been patient enough
      > with or having been properly taught,
      > so I joined....
      > Thanks for reading!
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