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15144Re: [Meditation Society of America] Three 1/2 years.......nothing!

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  • Silent Thunder
    Dec 13, 2006
      Hi Sean,
      The best piece of advice anyone can give you is to practice awareness meditation. Every spiritual master that has ever walked the earth has taught to practice this because they know that it is the most valuable lesson they can teach their disciples.
      Although it may seem difficult at first, this is very very very beneficial to self-realisation. Sit down (or lie down) and relax your body. Then just loot at every thought, emotion, sound or feeling that you get. Notice how they come and go without you inviting them.
      Go to meditationsociety.com and try out the different techniques listed there. You'll find a lot of change in yourself in the months to come.
      Silent Thunder

      the32family <the32family@...> wrote:

      Hello group,

      My name's Sean.

      It was about three or four years ago,after a 7 year relationship crashed
      and burned,I started reading about self-realization. The book was by Guy
      Finley,still one of my favorites,and it set me off.I never really looked
      back.I've had my ups and downs,like everyone,but I've read about 20
      books and try to stay conscious as much as possible,BUT, for the life of
      me,I still CANNOT acheive meditation.

      And I try OFTEN.

      Don't get me wrong,even 5 minutes of semi-silence is beneficial to
      me,but,I mean,real meditation.

      I recently got this program that just plays a constant tone,that worked
      great at first,but the effects have died down.Every session I pretty
      much start off ready to go,using whatever method I am
      trying(mantra, breathing. ....),then slowly I will lose control of my
      thoughts,at which time it's like rounding up cattle,then, eventually fall
      asleep.Of course if I choose a postion that inhibits sleeping,it always
      comes with an itch or a bothersome pressure point.

      I guess there are many techniques that I haven't been patient enough
      with or having been properly taught,

      so I joined....

      Thanks for reading!

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