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15139Re: Accidental Meditation

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  • cbondnelms
    Nov 29 11:03 AM
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      I would say you were using positive thoughts and positive
      affirmations in a meditative way. Positive affirmations are a great
      way to try and lift yourself out of depression. Contragulations for
      figuring out how to pull yourself out of depression.
      I think, if we are not fighting medical issues, we can choose to be
      positive or negative, and we should always choose to be positive and
      to meditate on positive thoughts.
      Depression robs us of the joy we should be experiencing in life, and
      your ability to realize that and lift yourself up is truly

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "mrtjkool1"
      <mrtjkool1@...> wrote:
      > I am a Freshman in highschool, and during the 8th grade I went
      > though a huge depression. Most of my thoughts were negative and
      > and my self-confidence was very low. School was the only thing that
      > would cause the depression, so when school ended and summer
      > came I was not depressed anymore. When school started again and I
      > became a Freshman, I was terrified at the thought of becoming
      > depressed again. I tried to prevent this from happening by
      > off the negative thoughts that came to me, and sometimes replacing
      > them with self-boosting ones. I noticed that my stress had lowered
      > over time, I felt happier about myself, and I felt clearer-minded.
      > now that I think about it, I remember thinking about things deeper
      > more creatively than before. That phase has now passed, and I am
      > neither depressed, nor as happy as I was, just fine i guess.
      > I have recently been researching meditation techniques and
      > them out every day, and now I wonder, "Was the phase where I
      > my bad thoughts with good ones a form of meditation?"
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