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15132Meditation for Real

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 14, 2006
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      When we sit in meditation amazing insights
      and experiences fill us up and heal us. But
      the best part of a meditative life occurs
      when we have an ongoing awareness of our
      life as it takes place. This can only happen
      if we are in the present, and that can't take
      place if we are rehashing the past or fantasizing
      about the future. Witness your inner chatterer
      babbling on and you'll see that 99% of what it
      is focusing on is not the moment to moment life
      that is your reality. Too often this uncontrolled
      chatter is making judgments and commenting about
      how this should have happened or that should
      occur or you'll be hurt or sad or ill, and so on.
      This makes you miss this moment and makes you
      reactive. One gift of meditation is the potential
      to have real Self control and actively focus on
      what you choose. On one level, this is what free
      will is all about. On the highest level, meditation
      shows us definitively that "Thy will be done" is
      always the case, and at that point, we are free
      from all decisions and just flow with "What Is".
      For now, in this and every moment, what we can do
      is put into practice a few meditative methods that
      will open ourself to our Self. One thing would be
      to have inner check points where we consciously
      witness what our mind is speaking about and if it
      is a negative recital, drop it as quick as you would
      a bag filled with snakes about to break out and bite
      you. At many times during the day we should also
      check out what tension we are keeping in our body
      and command the tension to relax. Similarly, we
      will benefit greatly from witnessing our emotional
      state and change it (at least) to one of dispassion
      and if possible, to serenity. And by being regular
      in our sitting in meditation practice, we become
      more and more able to bring the calm, clarity and
      bliss to our moment to moment experience and that
      is the difference between just going through the
      motions of having a life and existing for Real.
      Peace and blessings,