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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 11, 2006
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      "The brightly shining mind is never absent but is
      colored by the thoughts and emotions that people
      put upon it. If you were to see the luminous
      freedom of this mind, you would cultivate it
      before any other, keeping it free from all

      Anguttara Nikaya

      Small universe that it is, here's Swami Sivananda
      commenting about attachment the same day (11/11/07)
      in the Sivananda Digest:

      Attachment produces infatuation and causes entanglement.
      Fear exists on account of attachment and desire.
      Infatuation or delusion is a stigma on pure love.
      Attachment to the objects of the world is due to
      ignorance of their true nature. Nothing but the
      atman (self) really exists. Objects are illusion.
      Attachment is indicative of the feeling
      that the objective possession brings happiness.
      This idea has to be removed from the mind.

      Happiness is not in the objects but in one's
      own atman. Attachment is the impure vasana (feeling)
      of love or hate that is entertained by
      the mind for the diverse objects of this world.
      If you remain unaffected by joy, envy and sorrow,
      you have relinquished all attachments. If, without
      rejoicing in joy, or pining under pain, you
      do not subject yourself to the trammels of desire,
      then you can be said to have rid yourself of attachment.

      If you can be content with whatever you get, then
      you have cast off attachment. Through attachment,
      desire for material objects arises.
      Renunciation of attachment is said to be moksa
      (release). Through its destruction all rebirth ceases.
      Destroy the association of the mind
      with the objects and attain the state of the jivanmukta
      (liberated soul).

      Pleasure does not lie in the objects but in the
      condition of the mind. The mind goes out in search of
      pleasure. At the same time there
      is pain as the mind is straying away from the truth.
      When the object is attained, the mind ceases to function
      and rests on the atman, the substratum. Then it
      unconsciously tastes the bliss of the Atman.

      Sublimate your inward longings through discrimination,
      dispassion, enquiry and meditation. You will attain
      supreme bliss.

      Develop vairagya (dispassion). Sharpen the intellect.
      Give up kutarka and viparita bhavana (distorted and
      perverted thinking). Identify yourself with the pure
      atman. You will soon attain knowledge of the self.

      If you are careless and non-vigilant, if you are
      irregular in meditation, if your dispassion wanes,
      if you yield even a bit to sense pleasures, the mind
      will continue to go downward. Maya (illusion) closes
      in even upon a wise man if he stops his sadhana
      (practice) and meditation even for a short time.

      Be careful. Be alert. Be regular in your meditation.