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15103Zen and the Art of Knifemaking

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Oct 13, 2006
      There are 2 new pictures in the Photo
      section titled Zen and the Art of
      Knifemaking (#10 and 11) that are of
      the latest knife to appear. This one
      is a Japanese style kitchen knife that
      Bette, my wife, will be using to cut
      up veggies. It's the 1st one that I have
      made for a specific use and the first
      that I have made for her, so I had
      a very definite intention when I started
      its construction.
      I had a nice bar of damascus steel to use
      and also a beautiful block of Ironwood to
      use for the handle. Motivated by wanting
      to do something good enough for Bette,
      who always has done everything for me
      so very well, and also wanting to do
      justice to the fine materials I had
      to work with, I witnessed myself having
      a special feeling as I went about the
      different steps that are involved in knife
      making. I would describe this as "having an
      aim" more than simply desiring something.
      This aim, the intention, the gratitude for
      the opportunity to (in a very small way)
      "repay" Bette, gave my actions an energy that
      carried with it an easier than usual flow
      that brought this knife to birth without
      "me" seeming to be there with the usual
      inner chatter that I witness so often as
      I try to "do" things. No judging, no ongoing
      commentary, just movements with a "dedication"
      that was palpable. I had no feeling at all that
      "I" was doing anything. Then, a knife was there.
      It's 11 1/2" long, 2 1/4" wide, and has a brass
      and nickle silver mosaic pin and a nickle silver
      bolster. The 6 1/2" blade has a hollow grind and
      is very thin and sharp. I don't know if there is
      any of me in this knife, but I'm sure there is a
      lot of Bette and lots of gratitude too.
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