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15099Re: [Meditation Society of America] Hello new here

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  • ryu.anime
    Oct 13, 2006
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      Hello Im new here and I am trying to get into meditation and I see
      this would be a great place to start. I want to free my mind and clear
      my thoughts and be happier and calmer and I heard this is a way to go.
      Any help would be apreciated

      There are a lot of different types of meditations that you can do.
      I find that breathing exercises are the easiest to learn. To be able
      to free your mind by making it go blank takes practice and patience.
      I can remember when I first started to allow my mind go blank I sat in
      the lotus position for hours and finaly my mind went blank. It was
      amazing! I am not saying to go ahead and be patient for hours but,
      what you may want to try first is start with breathing exercises then
      to one specific thought until you can allow your mind to go blank.
      When I sat for hours I constantly was visualizing my breath go from my
      chi up through my spine and dropping it down on the tip of my tounge
      which was rested slightly on the roof my mouth. I hope this helps.

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