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15085Re: [Meditation Society of America] light and bliss

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  • Benjamin Buehne
    Sep 23, 2006
      I've definately had such experiences.  Afterwords I had odd occurrances of Deja-Vu in which I knew things before they happened or the thoughts of others.  I shouldn't say had... I still get this from time to time.  I had heard that this is a shakra.  Some sort of 3rd eye opening.  Generally when I get it I will embrace it.  If you try this, rather than a tube your entire body will be emersed in it.  I've never been quite certain what to make of it or being able to "see" things... I've always thought that it was some sort of other side trying to communicate with me and tell me things (rather than the reverse... which would be prayer).  Should you embrace it, you will be able to keep such feeling of energy around you constantly... with practice.  That's about all I can tell you.  Let me know if you as well get these visions.

      yeshwanthi vasudevan <badgirl_nofear@...> wrote:
      O.k. this is something that has been scaring me for quite sometime. But nowadays when I go into meditation, within 5 minutes or so, I start experiencing this kind of bliss, I can't even explain it properly in words, i've never felt this kind of bliss and peace before, and I can see this kind of light inside my head (like as though somebody just put on the tube light or something), and I feel like as if I'm a little free (or expanding a little) or something. It's happened nearly 3 times now, and even though the feeling is just beautiful, it's just that it's scary beautiful. It's like I'm scared of just getting sucked into it, because it's scary to get sucked into something that you really have no idea of what it is. You know what I mean. I get really scared everytime this feeling of bliss and light sets in me. It's just that it's such a scary experience, because it's something that so new to me. Because to be honest this the first time I had a meditation experience (or call it what you want). I've never really had any before this. I don't do any concentration meditation as such but rather I do awareness meditation. You know, just sitting and watching my thoughts pass by, just quietly observing them. And I've been doing this for over a month now, but this is the 1st time I've ever actually had a meditation "experience"  per say.  
      Has anybody else experienced this during meditation?? 

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