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15081Re: [Meditation Society of America] meditation challenge

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  • Silent Thunder
    Sep 21, 2006
      Hey Jackie I had the same problem back when I started out too. It helped to swallow once but quite enough to swallow the whole first load and then keep your tongue flattend against the upper plate of the mouth. This should be done comfortably. No use in forcing meditation coz then you'd be goin in the opposite direction.

      Jackie Casper <jacquic37@...> wrote:
      Hi everyone,
      I'm new to the MSA and rather new to  meditation itself. I have a question that someone out there may be able to answer. When I attempt to meditate my throat begins to close up and I begin to salivate and swallow constantly which distracts from my practice. Anyone else have the problem and what can I do about it.

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