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  • zataka10
    Sep 14, 2006
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, n0ndual@... wrote:
      > Surya Yoga Meditation
      > I drink oh drink thee Sun of Life
      > Your roaring radiance rinse me through
      > Gushing through spine with Sizzling joy
      > I thy Divinity enjoy!
      > From thy elysian fountain rays
      > I drink immortal Pranic Life
      > Rejuven Body and my mind
      > Dissolve all worldly woe and strife!
      > Dancing with thine immortal light
      > Each cell suffused with joy of Life
      > I glorify this gift oh Lord
      > No Emperor ever can afford!
      > Orange elixirs wine sublime
      > Flows glows in every fiber mine
      > Filling me with thy Bliss sublime
      > Making me to My Self Divine!
      > ~Siddhanath
      > http://www.hamsa-yoga.org/pract_SURYA.htm
      HI Sidhart.. liked u r poem very much// in RUGVED.. there are
      many ''sukts'' praying SURYA... your poem took me to that ''
      SAURSUKT'' Congrats/... rest ok ... RAJ.
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