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15075Surya Yoga

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  • n0ndual@webtv.net
    Sep 13, 2006
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      Surya Yoga Meditation
      I drink oh drink thee Sun of Life
      Your roaring radiance rinse me through
      Gushing through spine with Sizzling joy
      I thy Divinity enjoy!

      From thy elysian fountain rays
      I drink immortal Pranic Life
      Rejuven Body and my mind
      Dissolve all worldly woe and strife!

      Dancing with thine immortal light
      Each cell suffused with joy of Life
      I glorify this gift oh Lord
      No Emperor ever can afford!

      Orange elixirs wine sublime
      Flows glows in every fiber mine
      Filling me with thy Bliss sublime
      Making me to My Self Divine!
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