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15058How the mind works.

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  • Jeo
    Aug 30, 2006
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      The feeling of being an individual person, an `I', attaches
      itself to an object, a person, an emotion or an action, and identifies
      with it. As a result of this identification it might say, "I am a
      person", or "I am happy", or "I did this". This idea of being an
      individual person, this `I' –thought, can only exist in association
      with other thoughts or perceptions, not in isolation. Once you strip
      the `I' of its capacity to latch onto thoughts and perceptions, it has
      to subside back into the source where it came from. There, you
      experience the Self, without the individual `I' intruding. Focus
      exclusively on this subjective feeling of `I', and each time we become
      aware that it has attached itself to some thoughts, ideas or
      perceptions, we should go back to the inner feeling of `I' and try to
      stay there as long as possible. Once we have done this for long
      enough, the `I' no longer jumps out to attach itself to objects but
      subsides instead into the source. In that place one experiences the
      great peace of the Self that is always there, but which is usually
      covered up by the activities of this individual `I'.
      from http://360.yahoo.com/josongeorge5 - be as you are.