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  • rasatantra
    Aug 26, 2006
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      I apologize to those of you who went to our website, only to be
      turned away by a sign saying we had exceeded our bandwidth. What that
      means is that you, the readers, have been entering the website in
      such numbers, we had to pay an additional fee, in order to handle the
      enormous traffic in there. And it is all free. It only costs me my
      time and money, and I am glad to do it, because it is the right thing
      to do. You should be able to get into the website now, to do some
      very serious reading.

      Some said they didn't like our Message. It doesn't matter if you like
      it or not. When presented with an opportunity to overcome so many
      sufferings, the only question should be: Does it work or not? Our
      Message is scripturally based, but was previously unknown to most of
      us. Therefore, this Knowledge re-emerges as several Experimental
      Theories. "Don't knock it till you have tried it." In other words,
      speculation about what would be the outcome of such experimental
      research, is often but a "foot-dragging" stalling tactic of those who
      don't want any of us to know if the Marriage Supper of the Lamb of
      God works or not.

      Such questions can only be answered by rational minds, using
      Scientific Method and Experimental Research. We all realize that some
      of our experimental therapies are difficult at best and distasteful
      at worst. We all agree about that. But only science can answer as to
      the benefits and efficacy of our Experimental Protocols - not idle
      armchair speculation. If any are offended by our message, I apologize
      in advance, but there was no other way to make this non-commercial
      public service announcement. I am an ascetic, reclusive sadhu, and I
      am not trying to recruit you or get your money.

      I apologize I cannot answer every post directed to me. All comments
      and queries should be emailed to me. Thank you, and I hope you benefit
      from the knowledge provided in the library at SalvationScience.com.
      We are completely non-sectarian, and quote from all scriptures of all
      the world's religions, without preference or prejudice. Any moderator
      who does not wish to post such a messages as this, might kindly and
      lovingly unsubscribe me from the group. Although we are a new
      competitior for the minds and hearts of the people, we are not trying
      to interfere with their free choice. Blessings to all! Jai Om. - Sw.

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