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15052Re: Potential of meditation

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  • itsaliterain
    Aug 25, 2006
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      My life is a clear example of what meditation
      can do to heal and therefore change a miserable
      exsistance into one of grace.
      After 7 years of being unemployed and 3 on disabilitie,
      I am now working and in a job that is surronded by like
      minded people in a natural food store.
      The practice of meditation along with the study and daily
      use of Reiki and its priniples which call for the daily
      use of meditation has changed me into the person I was
      ment to be, releasing the blockages in my self and giving
      me a new lease on life.  Not to mention I no longer
      have high blood pressure nor suffer from depression and
      have achived this without medication but with dedication
      to my healing potential accsesed through meditation.




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