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  • medit8ionsociety
    Aug 18, 2006
      Farmer of Souls

      Whenever you find someone claiming to
      be a writer, musician, publisher, etc.,
      you are dealing with a person who has
      bought into the delusion that they are
      apart from the rest of humanity, all
      living things, and the rest of all universes.
      Have compassion for they are deluded. They
      think that all these identities (as has been
      said, little "i's") are real and don't
      recognize them as transient and finite. And
      similarly, they don't realize their real "I"
      which is eternal and infinite. If they have
      an ear to hear or an eye to see, do what you
      can to remove the wax from the ear and help
      open their eyelid. It is far easier for a chick
      to crack open their own shell and fly free than
      it is for a person to break through their veil
      of illusion. For many whose veil has been ripped
      asunder, giving aid to all living things to also
      be freed becomes a spontaneous action. This
      effort will go on even though the one being given
      aid can no more realize what help they are getting,
      or be able to judge if it is appropriate or not,
      than a chick who is being helped out of their shell
      by a farmer can understand the intention or
      methodology used to crack their egg. And yes, in
      reality, there is no shell, no clogged ears,no closed
      eyes, and even no birds or people, but as that is how
      the drama is being unfolded and is the movie playing
      on the ego's screen, with wisdom we more and more just
      sit back in our witness position and silently and
      impersonally enjoy the show. And live happily ever after.