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  • prakki surya
    Aug 5, 2006
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      Everybody is devising their own path saying that there are many ways to reach the Lord. This path generally will be: Enjoy the world in family bonds and at the time of death, get the Moksha or liberation. Everybody aspires the highest fruit through the easiest way. The easiest way is the path of knowledge, which does not require any sacrifice. The highest fruit is to become the very Lord right now from this moment onwards. The path that pleases the Lord was already preached by Krishna in Gita and Jesus in Bible.
      Nobody is neither interested to know what was preached by Krishna or Jesus nor ready to identify & learn from the preaching of a Satguru. It is a sheer illusion to conclude that our path is true based on our 'the little knowledge'.
      If you see the life of any real devotee the truth will be known automatically. If anybody observes the life history of any real devotee, like disciples of Jesus, Hanuman, Gopikas, Prahlada, Sabari, Kannappa, Tyagaraja etc., this knowledge should be in line with the way they lead their lives. This was brought out by Datta Swamiji excellently by which nobody can deny any iota of this divine knowledge.
      The Veda, the Bible & the Gita are the authorities. Other Sanskrit verses written by blind scholars are not authorities.  Anybody who has learnt Sanskrit can write a verse.  Even Charvaka, the atheist, wrote Sanskrit verses.
      At the lotus feet of Shri Datta Swami

      troy galloway <trgallo12000@...> wrote:
      Thank you Ben for putting this so perfectly. You do Know my friend and your world will always be brighter by seeing the whole picture and not just a corner

      Benjamin Buehne <benbuehne@yahoo. com> wrote:
      Prakki Surya,
      I understand what you are saying. However, the world
      does not move to the beat of just 1 drum. What might
      be right for you, may not be right for some. Jesus,
      Siddhartha, Krishna, and most every other religious
      figured speaked of purity. Clarity of mind, not
      sacrificing the divine for the earthly, and love.
      Relationships with the divine are personal.

      As far as I understand, you are of the belief that
      there is but 1 way to achieve this end and that is
      through Yoga. However many people have found the same
      results different ways. Should we stifle these other
      practices that have done so much good because they
      were not mentioned by name? There are many ways to
      become more in touch with the divine, and Yoga is one
      of them. Some are better at 1 than another... and so
      if they can have this connection using a particular
      method it is still good, for it is the connection that
      is good rather than any 1 practice.

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