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  • prakki surya
    Aug 5, 2006
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      The rich man who has no boundaries in his ambition to take the wealth of the Lord in unlimited quantities must realise that his effort is useless and waste. The reason is that one has to leave all the excess of wealth here only and his family members will not share his sin. They never provoked him to earn infinitely for their sake. Therefore he is the only responsible person for all the sins. He should retain the required wealth for all the needs only (Yavanartha Udapane—Gita). If he analyses the family bonds, they are proved as unreal dramatic bonds. Therefore a rich man should donate the excess of wealth to the Lord in human form for His mission. If the human incarnation is not recognised, the second address of Lord is a real devotee. The Lord dwells in the hearts of a real devotee. But people are donating to temples seeing the statues without analysing the background management. If the manager is neither the human incarnation nor a real devotee, the sacrifice of your money is a waste.
      The sacrifice of money applies even to the ordinary human beings. No doubt these people are earning the money for their basic needs only. Some earn a little more to utilise for the unforeseen problems in the future. Storing the wealth for such purpose is also justified. Such storing is not wrong. Some people earn just up to the mark. Some people earn even below the mark. All these people need not do any sacrifice of their money to the Lord, because the very basic point is that the Lord neither needs your money nor your work for His mission. Just His will is sufficient to carry on His mission (Name Karmaphale Spruha—Gita). But all these ordinary human beings also are wasting some money in the name of entertainments. All the entertainments will end only in loss and misery. Therefore you are wasting, your time, energy and money in the entertainments, which are ending in loss only.
      For example if you see a picture, you have lost the time and money and at the end you experience the loss of the energy also as weakness. Similarly reading the novels and doing unnecessary gossips. Either you utilise your time, energy and money for basic needs or store it for future needs. Instead of wasting for the entertainments, which end in loss (Duhkha Yonaya Evate—Gita), you convert this wastage into divine wealth for getting the grace of Lord which protects you here as well as there. This is a beneficial programme for you only and not for the Lord.
      At the lotus feet of Shri Datta Swami

      Benjamin Buehne <benbuehne@...> wrote:
      Prakki Surya,
      I understand what you are saying. However, the world
      does not move to the beat of just 1 drum. What might
      be right for you, may not be right for some. Jesus,
      Siddhartha, Krishna, and most every other religious
      figured speaked of purity. Clarity of mind, not
      sacrificing the divine for the earthly, and love.
      Relationships with the divine are personal.

      As far as I understand, you are of the belief that
      there is but 1 way to achieve this end and that is
      through Yoga. However many people have found the same
      results different ways. Should we stifle these other
      practices that have done so much good because they
      were not mentioned by name? There are many ways to
      become more in touch with the divine, and Yoga is one
      of them. Some are better at 1 than another... and so
      if they can have this connection using a particular
      method it is still good, for it is the connection that
      is good rather than any 1 practice.

      There are many ways to achieve the same end... they
      can all be lumped into the same group... meditation
      practices, which Yoga is a part of. Just because you
      have been taught that Yoga is the only way, or you
      hadn't had success using other methods, does not make
      it true. The truth is the truth... even if the truth
      is not known by anyone on earth.

      A story to demonstraight. ..
      One day a boat sank. All new how to swim but one
      unlearned man. As he struggled he found himself able
      to stay afloat but the method was unconventional. He
      would simply lay there and take deep breaths, barely
      keeping his mouth above the surface of the water.

      The others around chided him. "That is not how it is
      done. Look at me, I can teach you." He knew his way
      worked so he continued to do it even though the others
      around were looking down their noses, as they had
      their entire heads above water.

      However, as time passed, all the others got tired.
      The man who simply floated stated... "look here I can
      teach you" But no one would learn from pride.

      After a while they were picked up by a boat and the
      man was made fun of. The others thought he was
      foolish for not being able to learn to swim and made
      fun of how he looked in the water. Hearing this he
      addressed them "Look at you huffing and puffing. Here
      I stand refreshed. Who now looks foolish? Ridicule
      me if you wish, but I stand here able to help row the
      boat, as much alive as all of you."

      Basicly there is more than 1 way to achieve the same
      end. Both styles had their advantages. Those
      swimming could see for help, and those who floated
      could conserve their energy. Both allowed them to not
      drown. But you see, floating worked for him. In
      addition, if he was taught how it always was taught
      they would have struggled rowing the boat ashore.
      Change isn't always bad. It was that the man was able
      to stay above the water that was important, not the
      way he was able to stay above the water.

      For such reasons, I will respectfully disagree,

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