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  • prakki surya
    Jul 30, 2006
      True devotees never do penance for Siddhis. Radha, Gopikas did not achieve any Siddhis. Demons like Raavaa, Indrajit etc., did penance for only Siddhis i.e., to achieve powers from Lord only. These Siddhis did not finally save them. But Radha, Gopikas etc., could get highest loka and these are permanent also.
      Generally people are interested in the powers of Lord to get self-enjoyment in the form of visions, telepathy, astral travel, power of curing diseases etc….This is not the true path of devotion. The very meaning of devotion is true love on Lord. People aspire for spiritual growth. But the meaning of their spiritual growth is more visions, get powers for curing diseases of self and other to get name and fame, perform miracles etc. These people have not realised the Lord & His true devotion. Spiritual growth itself means increase of devotion on Lord day by day by getting more and more divine knowledge. They do not have any trace of devotion on Lord. But they pretend that they have devotion in front of Lord for getting His powers. No human incarnation had ever encouraged such things.
      The reason for interest in His powers only (and not in Lord) is greed for fame, selfishness etc. Such people end up in such gurus only who encourage these type of activities. They can never come near to Satguru (Lord in Human form like Jesus, Krishna, Mohd. Prophet, Buddha …..) who do not encourage such activities. The real devotee are (like Gopikas, Hanuman, Swami Vivekananda, Prahlada ....) diamonds and remaining are like gravel stones. Lord is also not bothered of gravel stones, which will be in majority. Jesus also said the true path leading to Lord is very very narrow with full of thorns with 2 or 3 people.
      Once one got used to these powers, name, fame etc. it is difficult to come out of this. This is a sort of addiction. But Lord is not pleased with him and will punish him latter. This is definitely not the right path. Satguru (Lord in human form) also gives divine visions to disciples to improve their faith. Finally the divine knowledge only helps in getting the real devotion towards the lord. As long as a disciple wants to use his guru for his selfish ends, he will get into that type of guru, who will utilise his services for his benefit.
      At the lotus feet of Shri Datta Swami

      Benjamin Buehne <benbuehne@...> wrote:
      Hello All,
      I was meditating yesterday and had yet another
      experience, afterwords I was inspired to write this.
      It occurred to me how naturally universal Meditation
      is, in particular, the experience. It was seen in
      cultures worldwide. It is seen in almost every major
      religion including the Roman Catholic Church and

      Universally it is seen as a way to get closer to
      God, reguardless of what you believe God is. The
      experiences are the same. Meditation and it's
      effects, is one of the few universal experiences.
      When you eat fish, what you taste is different from
      what your neighbor tastes. When you see a cloud, you
      may see a different image from that of your son. When
      you hear a song, you may consider it unnerving while
      your teacher finds it relaxing. When you smell a
      perfume you may find it beautiful while your boss may
      hate it. When you wear a sweater it may feel itchy to
      you and warm to your partner. Every singal sense we
      have is subjective to the individual.

      It is also difficult to find the Universality in
      experiences. You may enjoy rollercoasters while
      others are terrified. Some enjoy basketball while
      others find it rough. The same goes for professions
      as we each have our individual purposes.
      Thank you for reading,

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