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15010Meditation is Universal

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  • Benjamin Buehne
    Jul 29, 2006
      Hello All,
      I was meditating yesterday and had yet another
      experience, afterwords I was inspired to write this.
      It occurred to me how naturally universal Meditation
      is, in particular, the experience. It was seen in
      cultures worldwide. It is seen in almost every major
      religion including the Roman Catholic Church and

      Universally it is seen as a way to get closer to
      God, reguardless of what you believe God is. The
      experiences are the same. Meditation and it's
      effects, is one of the few universal experiences.
      When you eat fish, what you taste is different from
      what your neighbor tastes. When you see a cloud, you
      may see a different image from that of your son. When
      you hear a song, you may consider it unnerving while
      your teacher finds it relaxing. When you smell a
      perfume you may find it beautiful while your boss may
      hate it. When you wear a sweater it may feel itchy to
      you and warm to your partner. Every singal sense we
      have is subjective to the individual.

      It is also difficult to find the Universality in
      experiences. You may enjoy rollercoasters while
      others are terrified. Some enjoy basketball while
      others find it rough. The same goes for professions
      as we each have our individual purposes.

      Meditation may be one of the few Universals. For
      the experienced, the experience of Meditation is
      almost always the same. This is not true for almost
      any other experience a person can have.

      Being it is so Universal, and considered
      spiritual Meditation can help us in a time of
      conflict. Conflict in the world is escalating on
      personal and global scales. It is a shame, but a
      major part of this conflict is religion. 1 of the few
      things all can agree on is this meditation experience.

      I ask you, can this not be used? We have all
      found that meditation can be a tool for us, a way to
      help us controll our minds. It is a tool for good.
      Should religions around recognize this... all would
      have 1 thing to agree on. In fact, almost all already
      agree on this but do not realize it. Do agreements
      not unify?

      I ask you, if you were to go to respective
      churches to ask these questions... what is the good
      that could be accomplished. If it were to spread
      through religions... how much good would it do on a
      personal and global level? This is the power of the
      trade we have learned or are learning. Treat it with
      the respect of an atomic bomb... for like an atomic
      bomb it's effects could spread through the world.

      Thank you for reading,

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