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14977high-tech meditation aids

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  • captainquantum73
    Jul 11, 2006
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      Just wondering for those here interested in meditation, what
      experiences anyone has had if any with high-tech meditation aids that
      are supposed to speed up the benefits tremendously.

      Here's a brief explanation of how they're supposed to work. In
      the '70s they hooked very experienced meditators up to EEG equipment
      to measure their brainwaves. They found the very experienced ones
      could enter the Theta (usually associated with dreaming sleep) and
      even Delta (usually associated with very deep dreamless sleep)
      brainwave patterns - while wide awake! This actually causes
      physiological changes in the brain. It has to evolve into a more
      advanced brain in order to be able to handle this kind of stimulation.

      It takes at least a decade or 2, meditating maybe 6-8 hours a day to
      gain enough experience to be able to enter these states meditating
      the old fashioned way. But the people who make these CDs and such,
      claim that through technology we can now enter these brainwave states
      in a matter of minutes, bypassing those thousands of hours of
      practice and getting right to the deepest benefits of meditation.

      I've used these products, but the problem is that I've very rarely
      felt while listening, the way I would imagine a very experienced yogi
      feels while meditating. I've had a couple times when I felt I was
      floating, and one time when I guess I got a particularly good hit,
      and just felt so peaceful for the next day or so. But I would imagine
      that if I'm in the same brainwave state as the Dalai Lama or somebody
      like that, I'm going to feel a LITTLE different, and more often than
      just once in a blue moon.

      One of these companies' CEOs touts meditation as the best way for
      unlocking that 90% of our potential that most humans never use in
      their lifetimes(I've read where its estimated that Einstein only used
      15% of his potential). So I'm interested in hearing experiences from
      anyone who has used these products or anything similar. I'm extremely
      interested in anything that promises to unlock that hidden potential
      within me. If the average person only uses 10% of his potential in
      his entire life, I've probably used closer to 5%. If any of you have
      found other techniques/technologies that you feel have unlocked your
      hidden potential, please feel free to discuss them here also.

      BTW: here's links to a few of the leading makers of this technology,
      2 of which you have to buy already made, and the other 2 you download
      onto your PC and can make alterations to the sounds you listen to, to
      make them more powerful, effective, etc.

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