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14941A Passion for Life

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Jun 18, 2006
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      Something gnaws at you
      Who are you, really
      What signal did you miss
      Where has your passion gone
      When did the light turn red
      Why didn't you stop

      You cannot pan for passion
      You cannot outrun the fog
      You can quiet the lions at the door
      Pound at the stone hardened heart
      Until you break through
      To the core of who you are

      Or sit sullenly for this lifetime
      While emotional manipulators
      Continue to use you as a shield
      Taking the brunt of their fears
      Convinced by the particularly callous
      That the fears you field are your own

      Meditate beyond fear and doubt
      Apply some measure of skill
      To your throught process until
      You learn to question the chatter
      And enter the absolute stillness
      Where you will know yourself deeply

      Or stay in the shallow end of life
      Timid and sick of yourself
      Hoping to die sooner than later
      Sipping the sweet milk of self-pity
      While the treasure within
      Goes undiscovered