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14929Re: [Meditation Society of America] Distinction between human incarnation of Lord & original Lord

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  • prakki surya
    Jun 13, 2006
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      What is the appropriate way of posing a question (Pari Prashna) to the Guru?
      Pari Prashna means a question that can be posed to your Guru or a scholar.  In order to know the truth if you are asking the Guru, you must salute and serve Him.  If you ask a scholar, salutation and service are not necessary.  But your question should be only an enquiry, which should not have the tone of mocking or abusing.  You can contradict the point of the scholar or Guru by quoting from an equal authority in spirituality.  You must quote Shruti [Veda] against Shruti or Smriti [secondary scripture] against Smriti.  Of course, if you quote Shruti against Smriti then the Smriti is rejected [since Shruti is the highest authority in spirituality].  While debating and posing questions, you must have an equal logic. Discussion should be between two equal scholars.
       Prashna means question. Pari means the question, which is associated with equal authority, logic and experience.  Experience, logic and Smriti should follow Shruti [Any experience, logic or quotations from the Smriti that contradict the Shruti cannot be taken as valid].  You should confine to the point only. Even if you win in your point, you should not mock or scold the opponent, even if the opponent mocks or scolds you. You must leave the opponent for the punishment to be given by the Lord.  You should not punish him. 
      When Ramanuja contradicted the commentary of Shankara, He never mentioned the name of Shankara. He only mentioned the disciples of Shankara.  He never used any foul language in His commentary.  A scholar called Bellamkonda Rama Rao scolded Ramanuja as a child (Shishu) and animal (Pashu).  Ramanuja was the incarnation of ‘Adi Sesha’ [the Divine Cobra of Lord Maha Vishnu].  This scholar died at his thirty eighth year by the bite of a poisonous creature. You can easily convince a scholar or ignorant person but never a fellow who argues with egoism and jealousy and who possesses little knowledge. When Indra came and posed a question to Lord Brahma, Brahma disappeared without answering Indra. The personal assistant of Brahma called Uma appeared and told Indra to do penance for a thousand years to talk with Brahma because Indra was egoistic at that time.  Thus you should not discuss with a fellow having half knowledge.  It will be like throwing a stone in a pond of mud [it will splash and soil your clothes]. When you have a doubt on the point of the opponent, you must have all the good manners to pose the doubt. You should not resort to scolding or mocking in the first step itself even if the point of the opponent is wrong. When an employee goes wrong, a polite memo should be given asking for an explanation before taking action. The aim of all discussions must be only to find out the truth. This is called as Vada Maryada, which means the minimum dignity and decorum in discussion. 
      Ancient sages maintained this throughout their spiritual discussions (Satsanga).  Otherwise the satsanga becomes only the barking of two village dogs.  In the spiritual path you must get rid of anger, jealousy and egoism.  Without removing these three, you can never attain the grace of the Lord.  Shankara says that Shama and Dama are required for spiritual path.  Shama means controlling the inner senses (anger, jealousy and egoism).  Dama means controlling the outer senses like your tongue.
      at the lotus feet of shri datta swami

      jodyrrr <jodyrrr@...> wrote:
      --- In meditationsocietyof america@yahoogro ups.com, prakki surya <dattapr2000@ ...>
      > As long as the human incarnation is alive there is no distinction between the original
      > Lord and the human incarnation

      So what you are saying is that God is a psychotically grandiose nincompoop who
      just can't catch a clue that hardly anyone wants to hear him ranting about himself._._,_.___

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