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14926The Goal of The Mind (note to Bob Rose)

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Jun 10, 2006
      The Mindgoal

      To surpass imposed limits
      Expand and transform itself
      Attune to what will be (can be)
      A whole new blissful perspective
      A look at life in a whole
      New Light

      To dine on Enlighted Words
      Enjoy a pie of delicious dreams
      To be eaten and digested
      Broken down to power-energies
      Distinct from linear thought
      This startling wisdom

      That gives rise to insights
      That suddenly change the
      Entire landscape of our lives
      To ride an ethereal vehicle
      That takes us to a place
      Previously unknown

      This is the goal of the mind
      This is the mission of the guru
      To transcend those imposed limits
      With students in hand and mind
      To fill the empty cup and open
      A door to Enlightenment


      "Sundays with Papajeff",
      can be heard on BBS Radio,
      Sundays at 11AM PDT.

      Bob, I would love to
      have you as a guest on my
      show some Sunday. The
      studio will call you on
      the phone, and hook you
      into my show. Let me know
      if you are interested,
      and we'll "talk".

      Peace and loving awareness,


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