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14912the principal---a moral question

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  • Aquarius7779311
    May 27, 2006
      Hi everyone,
      I don't know if this is the right forum to ask this question, but I
      believe you are definitely the right people to answer it.
      I am trying to make a decision based on the right thing to do and
      not my right to seek vengeance. I have come so far in being a better
      person and don't want to create new negative karma!

      Here's the deal. I am a school counselor. I was employed this year
      under a federal grant at a local school. A few months into the
      school year, my principal informs me that she needs me to teach a
      class. Even though I am a certified teacher, I had no desire to
      teach, but did so because I did not want to get on this woman's bad
      A couple of months down the line, when speaking to the administrator
      of the grant that funds my position, he informs me that it is a
      violation of the federal grant to do anything but counseling and
      that I must stop immediately.
      I convey this new info to my principal. She tells me (in a
      conversation that I recorded) that she would rather lose the grant
      than have me stop teaching. In that same recorded conversation,
      she makes fun of one of the students with a speech impediment.
      Fast forward, we are now in May. The principal has forced 2 people
      to resign, 2 to transfer and one to remain out indefinitely on sick
      leave. She is denying kids their right to special education
      services by not hiring a teacher to replace the one that has been
      out sick since December. For a few months she had them going to
      lower grade classroom to receive instruction with the younger
      regular ed classes. Imagine how embarassing it is for a 5th grader
      to have to sit in a reading class with 1st or 2nd graders. What an
      ego boost, right? And as for me, she is now using me as a teacher's
      aid whenever she chooses, calling me out of counseling sessions to
      take teacher's classes when they leave early.
      So the final straw broke yesterday during a faculty ceremony.
      Picture this. The ceremony is ending. The principal is at the
      podium. She has just finished glorifying her favorite staff
      members. I get up to go to the bathroom. The principal turn to me
      and in front of everyone, says "Sit down Miss ABC". I say, "Excuse
      me, but I am going to take care of a personal matter." The
      principal then asks me if I have a note. I laugh and say, "I need a
      note to go to the bathroom?" She then says, "Go on Miss ABC."
      Ok so not only has this woman humiliated me through out the year,
      but she takes one more stab at me in front of everyone.
      So please someone tell me, what is the right thing to do? I feel
      compelled to report her to someone for denying children their right
      to receive adequate instruction. Someone needs to stop her, but is
      it me and am I doing it for the right reasons?
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