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14902Re: [Meditation Society of America] HELP!!!

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  • suman sk
    May 24, 2006
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      u know what...
      just focus on teh breaths that u take.. when u do so u will never think abt it. But when u focus on breath dont try to control it just observe it. This is pretty powerful exercise and u may find difficulty initially to observer breath , but with little practice u will start to njoy the beauty of it.

      myrichesareuntapped <dixiemae14@...> wrote:
      Hello all, I'm new here and to meditation. I have what I believe is a
      serious problem. I am not able to concentrate, and to add fuel to the
      fire, whenever I attempt to speak to my inner child or focus on trying
      to resolve painful memories, I become overwhelmed at the memories and
      cannot go on because the pain is so intense and I just end up a
      blubbering mess. How do I get past this point?  I need healing but I'm
      afraid to confont whatever it is that's blocking my way and I'm afraid
      I can't take much more. 

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