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14899Zen and the Art of Knifemaking - 2 new additions

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  • medit8ionsociety
    May 21 12:26 PM
      The Photo section now has a newly created album
      titled Zen and the Art of Knifemaking. It has pics
      in it of 2 new knives that have become present
      in physical form. Like most exercises in mindfulness,
      they have (to me) just appeared along life's path
      without any "I'm doing this" kind of attachment attached.
      My body, mind, and emotions were there when they were
      created, but the form they took and the process just
      happened, and "I" was simply there to witness it taking
      We have an inner GPS system that once told what to do
      will take over and guide the process as long as "I"
      don't get in the way. Yes, this is conditional of an
      initial learning process, but at some point, one's hands
      and eyes can do a marvelous job of any physical task far
      better than when the emotions and chattering mind get
      involved. And that's where the freedom and magic of
      meditation come in. Our "Real Self" is the inner witness
      to our life as it takes place, and by stepping out of the
      "I'm doing this, and this/that is happening" drama, we
      get to enjoy being a spectator to the ongoing show that
      is our life in "real time". And the results are then just
      what they are, good, bad, or indifferent. "Thy will be done"
      and other holy book cliche's all point to non-attachment
      to "things" as the way to be free from regret, or the "sin"
      of pride, or other negative adjectives and adverbs. The
      practice of Mindfulness presents us with the opportunity
      to see our Self as the vehicle for consciousness
      that we are, and to know first hand the joy of being in the
      present. And in some cases, we end up with nice knives.