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14885Is It an Understanding or a Vision or Both

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Apr 29, 2006
      Conscious of the Cosmic
      by Kir Li Molari

      There came a moment where all that could be seen
      by the eyes seemed to be reduced to its atomic
      and sub-atomic nature, and awareness was no longer
      subject to the limits imposed by human eyes.
      The field of vision became unlimited. Then the
      ultraviolet and infrared fields were apparent but
      they too were seen through as if a curtain was
      being ripped asunder. And beyond, in the silence,
      was heard, felt, and seen the infinite consciousness,
      vision, and experience of the eternal love that
      supports all Generation, Operation, and Destruction
      of this and infinite other universes.

      And then the real significance of how the NFL draft
      turns out, and all other things that seem holy and
      important and worth our fretting over was seen in
      its true perspective. And life went on happily ever
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